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         Hello and welcome to my website. I am a writer and painter depending on the day. Here you will find all my projects listed and  (mostly) all available for purchase.

         I paint in acrylics, oil, gouache and pastels. Each scene dictates to me which medium to use. My favorite scenes are of the old barns and landscapes of  northeastern Pennsylvania. Many of  my paintings are of the  barns that have since disappeared  due to neglect, or  sadly  the tearing  down to make room for the steel buildings that are taking their places.        

       My   book  entitled 'You Need A License to Fish' is further described on the page so marked for your perusal. You can find it for sale on and by contacting me on my contact page. Many more short stories and novels to come.

     So take a look and come back often, as I will be updating the site from time to time. Enjoy......



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